Promoting development in Africa through the help of its diaspora.

Kether is a kabbalistic term which symbolize the bridge between divine existence and mortality.

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Well, everything you need weather you are a diaspora looking to invest in Africa, a company seeking to hire or need to develop some skill in IT, business or healthcare? Kether provides all these things for you

Diaspora investment. Kether is primarily exist to make it easier for the diaspora to invest in Africa

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Join us in this journey of rebuilding Africa for a better future. Let's start by understanding our vision, mission, and goal


Our mission is to empower the African diaspora to make a positive impact on the continent

    by providing investment opportunities and educational resources that will drive development and growth in Africa.


    Our vision is to see Africa thriving and prosperous, with the African diaspora actively involved in and contributing to its development.

      We want to see the continent become a destination of choice for investment, education and cultural exchange.


      Our goal is to bridge the gap between the African diaspora and the continent

      • By providing a platform that connects investors with opportunities that align with their goals and interests.
      • We aim to create a community of individuals who share our vision and are committed to making a positive impact on Africa through investment and education.

      Our Portfolio

      including, but not limited to projects in, real estate investment, workforce development, training, and a common fund for small investors.

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